The Otterbein athletic department has hired Jason Griffiths to be the new men's soccer coach starting the 2017 season. Since being hired, he has cut the team down and reworked their strategies. 

“We have a talented group and a chance to go far,” said sophomore keeper, Collin Hoffman.

Griffith’s background includes being midfield for the University of Kentucky and getting drafted to play for the New England Revolution. He retired after one professional season due to a hamstring injury. Since then, he has experience being the Senior Director of Coaching at Classics Eagles Soccer Club of Columbus. Griffiths had been the assistant coach for Otterbein, two years prior to being selected for this position. 

With the first game under his belt as the head coach, Griffiths is optimistic for the season.


“The team wants to be successful and they have a great attitude, I couldn’t ask for more,” said Griffiths. 

The men’s soccer team had a major victory over La Roche with a final score of 7-0 at their opening home game on September 2nd. 

Griffiths had many expectations going into the first game. 


“I wanted to change a lot, but I did it little by little. We started in spring and the guys have adapted to my coaching style,” said Griffiths.

The players could immediately see a change.  

“The atmosphere in the locker room is completely different, we get there early and are more comfortable and prepared” said Juan Rivas, junior midfielder. 

Looking forward to the rest of the season, Griffith wants the team in the best form possible.

"We are moving forward game by game; we have a tough game coming up next week to focus on," said Griffith. 

The men’s soccer team will be playing at Memorial Stadium vs Denison at 7pm tonight.