Thumbs up

Otterbein now offers a nutrition minor. Perhaps they could give tips to Bon Appétit for providing a balanced, yet delicious, diet.

Two day-old doughnuts and a milk for a dollar at Schneider’s. I like to save one of mine for breakfast, but I’ve been known to nom both upon purchase.

Everyone’s rocking spring tans — golf tans, rollerblade tans, glasses tans, orange spray tans and, of course, my after-winter lack of tan.


Thumbs down

It costs extra to add chicken to your salad in the OtterDen. This is just a heads up because they’ve never charged me until this week, though it’s supposedly always been this way.

That awkward moment when someone’s parents walk into the dorm lounge during the blacked-out sex scene in your movie.


The chairs in the dorms that rock back just the tiniest bit when you sit down. I may or may not forget sometimes and end up squealing while flailing my arms, much to my roommate’s amusement.