Photo by Eddie Anders

Volunteers across the city of Westerville have begun taking down the blue ribbons that were hung in support of the fallen police officers, Anthony Morrelli and Eric Joering, who were fatally shot in the line of duty responding to a domestic violence call on February 10. Starting the week of Feb. 25, 2018 the ribbons have been taken down to be cleaned and will be reused for Westerville’s observance of National Police Week.

Westerville Community Affairs Administrator Christa Dickey said that at some point the memorial term will end and a new normal will be re-established in the city.

Recycling bins are located behind City Hall and at the Westerville Jaycee Community Pool where the ribbons are being collected for further use.

“The ribbons at City Hall will stay up a bit longer until the spouses of the fallen officers take them down,” said Dickey. However, some local businesses are continuing their support by keeping ribbons and banners up.


Schneider’s Bakery in Uptown Westerville has decided to leave their sign up for a while longer. “We found through the community and social media comments that the bakery was a sense of comfort,” said Schneider’s Bakery employee Elaine Clarke.

Beginning May 13, the Westerville community will honor National Police Week. The ribbons will be recycled to adorn the city of Westerville in recognition of the police and fire department.

The shooter in the case, Quentin L. Smith, has been charged with aggravated murder, according to Franklin County municipal court records.