Changes are coming to the Otterbein student media as the Communications department chair releases details on how Otterbein TV, T&C Magazine and will be combining to form T&C Media. 

On January 29, a meeting of all student media staff was held to discuss the future of the media outlets and changes that would be coming in the new year. 

The meeting was opened by Denise Shively, head of the communication department, who talked about changes to each outlet and shifting advisers. 

With the university change to a three-credit model, the current one credit hour practicums will become full three-credit hour classes. This year will also see the retirement of faculty advisers Janice Windborne (WOBN radio station) and Jeffrey Demas (Otterbein TV). 


Changes are coming to T&C magazine with the shifting of current adviser Michael Wagner to a writing coach position and the position will be taken over by journalism professor Jean Kelly. Kelly comes into the position with a strong background in the field as she was previously managing editor of the Ohio Magazine. Kelly said she was excited to advise the magazine. 

“I think we have great potential for collaboration and better uses of resources. I cannot wait. I think what I want to do is let the students still have the autonomy that they all ready have but bring in some of my expertise," said Kelly.

Media outlets will also be restructured. Due to the cancellation of the local television license by the city of Westerville, Otterbein TV will now be integrated into When asked about the changes coming to the department, Bailey Ross, junior and current video director for Otterbein TV, was encouraged by what she heard.


“I think the merger is a good idea and makes sense for what is happening. I think it gives students a better opportunity to see what the real world is like and get the skills to go out and get a job. Through all my internships I’ve really realized you need to use all of it,” said Ross.