Following the first Otterbein University Student Government (OUSG) meeting of the fall on Thursday, high-ranking members revealed big plans to increase campus attention toward what student government is doing in the new school year.

OUSG President Jeremy Paul and OUSG Vice President Casey Rife revealed how both they and the student body can become involved with student government through the organization's webpage on Otterbein's O-Zone portal.


"You're able to go in and look at things such as meeting minutes, rosters, committees and agendas," said Paul. "We have the ability to put whatever content we need to on that O-Zone page, so we are able to find out what the student body would like to see on that O-Zone page, and then put it there."

Rife provided some input into future use of OUSG's social media accounts.

"One of the things we are going to try this year is to make a more concentrated effort with our social media," Rife said. "We have social media, and we have used it, but we don't think what we're doing is enough, and we don't think we have enough of a following that is necessary to make it effective."


Additionally, Paul provided information about the campus center and its upcoming renovations.

"We're looking at things such as more interactive space, so that students can walk into the campus center and engage with one another, more so than a walk-through building," said Paul. "We're looking into ways to make the campus center more accessible than it currently is, and other things that students might want to see, like a cafe option."

Colette Masterson, OUSG advisor and director for student involvement, said to expect the designs for the campus center to be shown Sept. 22 during Otterbein’s annual Homecoming weekend.

Paul and Rife are also working toward a mental health initiative. They both value the importance of mental health awareness, and encourage both incoming students and upperclassmen to talk about mental health issues.

"What we need to make more available on campus is group conversation regarding mental health," Paul said. 

Paul believes that Otterbein's chapter of Active Minds, a student organization led by former OUSG Vice President Steven Schroeck, 

 will be a very important component when regarding mental health conversation.