Photo by Julia Kelley

On March 10, Otterbein University made the decision to cancel classes for the rest of that week, and on March 16 to move most classes online due to the threat from COVID-19.

Since then, T&C Media has fell silent as we tried to figure out what was going on at Otterbein, in Ohio and in the world. 

Now, we're back. We're healthy and journalism will continue. 

This past week has been hectic in the T&C Media staff group chat (which is currently named T&C Crisis Management) as we sent news updates to each other and tried to get things written. It felt like we could never write anything that stayed current for more than a few hours due to the amount of news that was being thrown at us from Otterbein, Gov. of Ohio Mike DeWine and President Donald Trump on a daily basis. 


With the WiFi out on campus all of last week due to a cyberattack, any T&C Media reporter or editor that had to reside on campus had no access to any of the materials they needed to keep our website, newsletter and social media running. 

In the midst of all this, we found out that the Ohio Athletic Conference (OAC) canceled all spring sports. With four sports reporters, we then had to rethink how they would proceed with their stories for the rest of the semester with no sports to cover. 

In the next few weeks, expect to see sports content still coming out but from a different angle. 


T&C Media's sports reporters will be talking with seniors who had their last season cut short, and asking them if they plan to come back for the extra season they were given as compensation. Our reporters will also be interviewing coaches of fall sports such as soccer and football and asking them how they plan to proceed now that the teams have lost a month of lifting. The reporters will also touch on the possibility that fall sports will have to be canceled as well if COVID-19 is not isolated and controlled by that time. 

As of now, we are gathering questions from our readers to ask the university. Questions such as: When will students receive their room and board refund? What happens to students who have to stay on campus if dining is forced to close? How are finals going to work if we cannot do them in person?

You can submit questions through our Instagram (@tandcmedia) or our Twitter (@TandC_Media). 

T&C Media will continue to bring Otterbein students coverage of the campus as we can. We aren't dead, and neither is journalism.