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Senior Hannah Brown is coming up on her last Otterbein homecoming

The Communication Department led Brown to covering homecoming

Hannah Brown had to make one of the important decisions of her life: where she was going to spend the next four years. She closes her eyes and points to the piece of paper that was going to land on Otterbein University or Ohio Wesleyan. It was Otterbein University. 

“I originally wanted to be a journalism major. I just didn’t know what I wanted to do in the field, but Otterbein helped me figure out what I wanted to do,” said Brown. 

Otterbein’s journalism major required Brown to be a part of the radio station class, leading her to the 2018 homecoming game. 

“I remember vividly because I wasn’t planning to go but I was in the radio station’s class and had to get my hours in, and the radio station was making announcements for the game, which made it really fun,” said Brown. 

Brown ended up being on staff with Otterbein’s radio station her second semester after she piqued interest in her first homecoming.

Sophomore year Brown wanted to continue the participation with homecoming so she did live tweeting on T&C Media's Twitter page.

“That year was so much fun because it was pouring down rain and they had me down on the sideline take live photos for [T&C Media's] Twitter page,” said Brown.

The pandemic happened and this made it impossible to put on homecoming for Otterbein because of the mediated shut down. Brown and the rest of the students at Otterbein were unable to participate in any event, leaving them with no homecoming that year. 

“I did not have a homecoming that year but this year I am really excited, I’m actually doing another job for homecoming. I am doing video, because why not try and do everything in the media department,” said Brown. 

This year’s homecoming will be Brown’s last year to participate as a student, and she believes this is going to be the best year yet.

Not only is Brown involved with the radio station here at Otterbein, but she is also involved with the video team, and Truth Racial Healing and Transformation group. Her involvement has propelled her GPA, taking on the senior year with a 3.8 GPA. 

“This major has helped me build friendships because a lot of class assignments are based on group activities and reaching out to other students,” said Brown. 

As Brown is approaching graduation, she reflects on her four years at Otterbein and how this school has helped to develop her and her skills for the real world. 

“I feel it is a lot different to cover life events that are happening bam, bam, bam, all at once and it’s just so different because you really have to think about how can I get stuff out as quickly as possible, in a timely manner for live events,” said Brown. 

“I am so glad Otterbein makes students do jobs at homecoming because it is a live event and you learn so much, going from one place to then write a story about it the night of, it really enhances your skills,” said Brown. 

April 2022, Brown will be getting her cap and gown for all the hard work she has put into Otterbein, rewarding her for all the tasks she has done. Although the University and radio station will be missing her, she has left a mark on her major and programs. 

The Wildcard Weekly Rewind with Ellie Newman (April 27, 2022)

On this week's rewind, hear about The Promise House Swipes Program and Hannah Brown's thoughts on racial equality at Otterbein.

Here's Ellie's Top 5 Things to Look Out For:

1. Thursday, April 28: The Doggie Destresser will be located outside the Otterbein Library from 12-1pm

2. Friday, April 29: The COVID Testing Center closes

3. Saturday, April 30: Women's Tennis will be competing against Mount Union at 1pm

4. Saturday, April 30: Softball will be competing against John Carol at 1pm and 3pm

5. Saturday, April 30: Baseball will be competing against John Carol at 1pm

Have a great summer! Tune in again during fall semester for more Wildcard Weekly Rewinds!

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