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Unexpected places to study on campus

T&C reporter Karlee Laegel looks at three areas on campus students can utilize for studying

Almost every building on the Otterbein campus has a nice seating area for students to study peacefully. Even with all these options, many students go to the library, which results in crowding. Here are some other places that are quiet enough to study on campus if the library is too crowded:

The Second Floor of Roush

Roush's second floor has a comfortable seating area with archway windows, so it always has plenty of natural light. There is also student artwork hanging around the hallways, which can provide a reprieve from a student's work. This would be a convenient place for anyone with classes in Roush. 

The third floor of the Shear-McFadden Science Hall (Science Center)

Students who have classes in the Science Center may know about this, but for those who don’t, there's plenty of seating on the third floor of the Science Center. It's located right by the elevator and tables are abundant, many of which have built-in charging stations. The science center is near other buildings like Towers, Roush, and the Battelle Fine Arts Center, so if students have any classes in these buildings they won’t be too far. 

Clements Recreation Center

Even though it seems hard to believe that there's a quiet place in the gym, the second floor of the Clements Recreation Center is a great place to go. There's a seating area with several couches and tables at the top of the stairs, and next to the seating area is a hallway of offices so the area is never loud. Every student can access the gym by using their Cardinal Card. If the library is too busy, then check out the gym. 

Every building on campus is furnished with many places to study, and it's important to utilize these spaces because they are there for students to use. So, if the library is ever too crowded, just know there are always other quiet places to study.

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