T&C Magazine: the new reality

With final proofs in hand, I marched over to West Camp Press, which conveniently happens to be right next door to Otterbein’s Art and Communication Building.

Letter to the editor

This letter from Toby Dempsey, a freshman at Otterbein, is in response to the article “Anti-abortion group comes to Otterbein campus” found in the vol.

T&C wins national journalism award

After two years and repeated public records denials, a national journalism award has recognized the T&C and previous staff member Lindsey Hobbs’ efforts to effectively cover public safety at Otterbein.

Otterbein students discusses stereotypes

I can bet that when you were a senior in high school you couldn’t stop thinking, “College will be so much different from high school.” While part of that is right, I bet the part you thought would be different is actually quite the same, and that ...