Senior’s bucket list

There are many hidden treasures looming around Otterbein. It is our job as students to live it up while we are here and uncover the fun that is behind Otterbein’s outer appearance.

Tips for new Otterbein transfer students

Welcome to campus, transfer students. In the short time you’ve been here, it has swung between warm, no-jacket weather to 20 degree, bundle-up-like-the-Michelin-Man weather.

Senior goodbye column: Web Editor says thanks

This isn’t just a goodbye column to the T&C; it’s kind of goodbye to everyone who has affected me throughout college, because next semester, I won’t be around much, and this is my chance to say thank you.

EDITORIAL: Response to letter to the editor

While we thank the administration for responding to these articles, we would like to correct an inaccuracy in the letter and reassert that although the letter addresses specific T&C policies, our main point is access to information and students’ ...

Letter to the Editor for October 17, 2012

This letter from Robert Gatti, vice president and dean for Student Affairs, is in response to the articles “Police reports made private” and “The stories you read in this paper will never be the same” found in the vol.