The question of “Who will take my place?” is common among students moving out of their first home away from home: their residence hall. The person who will take the student’s spot might not even go to Otterbein. During the summer Otterbein will allow around 70 organizations to rent out dorms while students are away.

More than 100 people from Indiana and Ohio moved into Mayne hall while helping homeowners in downtown Columbus. The Central Ohio Work Camp, jointly hosted by the Alum Creek Church and the Reynoldsburg Church of Christ, has been staying in Mayne Hall for one week every June for the past 13 years.

Minister of the Center Road Church of Christ, Micah Powless, is the leader of one of these youth groups. Powless and his group are focusing on scraping, cleaning and painting a house off of Fifth Street in downtown Columbus.

"Our guy here, his mom passed away and left him the house, but she was an older woman and wasn't able to take care of it, so now we are trying to get it in the proper situation," said Powless.


Not only does the program help homeowners, but it also gives the group a chance to bond over their services.

“I was eager to get on the roof,” said Blake Jefferies, a 15 year-old from Gahanna, Ohio. “It’s pretty fun, everyone’s really welcoming,”

The group even attracted a local resident, 12 year-old Jeavion Darthard, to join in.


“I was just riding my bike and I saw the paint and I wanted to help,” said Darthard.

Powless said he was encouraged by the opportunity to help prepare future generations in their faith and service.

"We often try to inspire kids to try to change the world and we tell them 'change a life, change the world,'" said Powless.

Schalischa Petit-De | TandC Media

COWC volunteer painting a house in downtown Columbus.