Otterbein University's Where We Stand Matters campaign has exceeded its $50 million goal a year early.

The total amount raised will be announced during Homecoming celebrations on Saturday. Donations came from over 10,000 supporters, with $3.6 million of the donations coming from faculty and staff. 

“It’s really helping to secure the future of the university," said Director of Campaign Planning and Logistics Dana Madden-Vigilietta. "It's important to reinvest in what helped you become who you are."

The $50 million goal was set to be reached by the end of June 2019. However, the goal was reached prior to June 30, 2018, before the retirement of President Emerita Kathy Krendl, who launched the campaign four years earlier.


The STAND campaign was first announced to the public at the 2014 Homecoming festival. The fund was originally meant to support initiatives like financial aid, the Five Cardinal Experiences program, improvements in the campus center and the building of the STEAM center.

Tracy Rush, executive director of annual giving and advancement services, said this is Otterbein’s first campaign since the '90s, but that it is the most ambitious and most successful comprehensive campaign in university history.

The completion of the STAND campaign will be celebrated on campus throughout the week and during Homecoming weekend.


The primary focus of the development office will now be on the campus center renovation project.