The Local Flavors podcast is a monthly podcast that features Westerville and other Columbus-based artists of all genres. They talk about their time in the industry and banter with WOBN personalities about stories regarding personal experiences.

NOTE: This episode was recorded in October 2018. The concerts promoted in the podcast have since passed.

In the inaugural episode of Local Flavors, WOBN General Manager Tim Pennucci sits down with The Castros, a husband-and-wife folk duo based in Uptown Westerville.

The duo, Marco and Sara Castro, talk about how they each got started playing music and the artists that inspired them to turn playing music into something more.


Pennucci and the Castros also talk about the concept of selling out from an artist and fan perspective, and what it means to be an original artist. They tell stories about a trip to the bad neighborhoods of Cleveland and Latin boy bands, and how Marco discovered the magic of friendship through a children's cartoon.