Photo by Breanna Lothes

Over winter break there were several changes to the OtterDen, including an updated menu.

The option of a burrito, burrito bowl, salad or quesadilla remained the same from last semester. The changes that took place were with the types of food being served. “As I was customizing my burrito, I noticed that a different type of food was being served that wasn’t available first semester,” said Reid Taylor, freshman allied health major.

The OtterDen is set up like a Chipotle-styled assembly line, so when Taylor was ordering his burrito for the first time this semester, he noticed more toppings were also added. Once Taylor noticed that, he decided to try different toppings on his burrito to see how the new food tasted.  

“I usually get beef in my burrito, but I decided to get chicken this time around because I noticed that there was slices of chicken breast rather than the shredded chicken that was served last semester,” said Taylor. Sides like corn, salsa and queso were something Taylor had never noticed in the first semester, so he decided to add all of those to his burrito. 


Taylor said his burrito was more flavorful with the addition of the corn and queso.  He said the salsa was sweet and tangy, as well as tasting fresh. Another menu item that also tasted fresh was the chicken and rice in Taylor’s burrito. He felt as if those two items tastes less like processed food because they were prepared differently. 

Overall, Taylor was satisfied with his visit to the OtterDen for the first time this semester, and he rated the new food an 8 out of 10. In his visit he discovered new things to add to his burrito, and he will be visiting the OtterDen more often this semester especially now that he can use meal swipes there throughout the day.