Photo by Sean Moneypenny


Otterbein University’s sports equipment manager is continuing to help sports teams on campus practice safely with the help from his staff.

“Working during the pandemic is not very difficult,” said Skip Ford, Athletic Facilities Supervisor and Equipment Administrator for Otterbein. “We follow protocols and work through it.”

During this fall, the workload for Ford and his work-study students is very light due to no competitions. Him and his staff have already thoroughly cleaned the concession stands at Memorial Stadium and within the Rike Center.


“We have really tried to increase the sanitation more than ever before [in the Rike Center and Memorial stadium].” said Lydia Rohrer, worker for Ford. “We’ve added in wiping down the washer and dryer between every load and providing enough towels for students to wipe down machines and equipment after usage.”

While COVID-19 is still present, Ford and his employees are still following the basic precautions while doing their job.

“Obviously, we all use masks and gloves for laundry. Plus, always washing our hands,” Ford said. “We also disinfect and clean both washers and dryers between each load. Plus, we disinfect laundry carts, and counters for each load.”


Ford and his staff are taking advantage of the light workload this semester and are starting to get ahead while he has the time.

“[The] spring workload will be increased, as will evening and weekend hours. We are starting a very detailed inventory, organizing, and cleaning team equipment and storage rooms,” Ford said. “We have amazing work-study students already working on inventories and cleaning.”

“We are trying to plan a head to help make everyone still get the necessary equipment and laundry done when the time comes,” Rohrer said. “For now, we can’t do too much because we are still not sure how the team practice schedules will look.”

Pandemic or not, nothing is going to change how Ford feels about his job or Otterbein University.

“I absolutely love this job,” Ford said. “When I wake up each day, I truly feel blessed that I get to come to work at Otterbein. I am so grateful to have great coaches and staff that are so accommodating to assist.”

Rohrer and Marlie Griffith, another worker for Ford, have both loved their time working for Ford. They say that he makes the job enjoyable and is a great guy.

“I love working for Skip,” Griffith said. “[Ford] makes coming to work as fun and not stressful as possible.”

“This is my third year working for Skip and I can honestly say it has been my favorite job I’ve ever had,” Rohrer said. “[Ford] is one of my favorite people at Otterbein. I have really enjoyed working for him during my college experience.”