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Weekly Wildcard with Hannah Brown--March 8


Title: The Wildcard Weekly Rewind

Talent: Hannah Brown

Air Date: Tuesday March 8-Sunday March 14th

Station: WOBN 97.5 

Runtime: 2:36 Minutes

Outcue:... Tune in next time for your weekly rewind”

ANNOUNCER: Welcome to your Wildcard Weekly Rewind with all the latest news on campus. I’m your host Hannah Brown. 

First let's look at what’s new on campus. Instead of an in-person housing selection process students were required to fill out housing forms online. Reslife has extended the deadlines for housing forms. Reslife suggests that students will be informed about their selection time and date in early April. Sorority recruitment has also moved online for the spring. 

Let's take a look at sports. Track and field athlete Raquel Warner is training hard for the upcoming Track Season after an achilles injury and covid ended her season early last semester. This will be Warners last season. 

Now for some Important Dates. Housing Request forms are due March 10th at noon. On March 12th Women’s volleyball will play Mount Union at 8pm. Otterbein’s Football team will play Ohio Northern at 7pm. On March 13th Womens Lacrosse will play at Heidelberg at 1pm and Mens Lacrosse will be playing against Heidelberg at 1pm and it’ll be live streamed. Otterbein Baseball will be vs. Wilmington at 2pm on March 13th. 

For more on these campus and sports stories or if you missed any of these important dates check out 

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This was brought to you in Collaboration with WOBN 97.5 FM The Wildcard and TandCmedia.Org. Tune in next time for your weekly rewind. 

The Weekly Wildcard with Hannah Brown for the week of March 8 Transcript

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