The Otterbein Senate will vote on whether to keep or dismiss a non-degree program on Wednesday. The program includes the expertise in applied mathematics, foundational mathematics and metrics and visualization certificates.  

The program is currently enrolled by the Department of Education at Otterbein University. The proposal from the education department said there are currently zero students enrolled in the program. Therefore, no students and staff would be affected by the deletion. 

The three-specialization certificates for this program were created to identify completion of the Master of Arts in Educational Management courses within a thematic cluster. Only two students have requested consideration for a certificate of specialization over the past ten years, with 2018 being the most recent year. 

This program discontinuance would reflect national and regional trends that show a decline in demand for college and high school graduates. These trends would also match with those of peer-aspirant and similar institutions.


Any decision on a proposal must be approved by the administration and the board of trustees.