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Old souls find a home in uptown Westerville

Cinda Lou provides vintage items to those who value the little things in life

When Julia Bennati was just a girl, her parents Jim and Debbie hauled her to local thrift stores and antique markets all across the country in search of unique items. Family vacations to Florida were spent in the car, hunting for antiques instead of at white-sand beaches. 

“We weren’t sports people,” Debbie said. She explained that early in her and Jim's marriage, they decided to pursue what they loved, even if it was untraditional.

Over the years, their collection of rare finds grew and grew. Now the co-owners of Cinda Lou, Julia, Jim and Debbie are keeping uptown Westerville on trend through their appreciation for the little things in life.

Though they had to close their location on the Short North, near Ohio State’s campus, their Westerville location lives on, adding color to the busy streets of uptown. Their love for music, clothing, antiques and people are mirrored closely by their dedication to the store and their love for each other. 

People all over Ohio call Cinda Lou to market their once loved things for a reasonable price. Every day, Julia and Debbie will look through the possible finds. This is how the Bennati family stocks Cinda Lou for fair prices. 

The Bennati family credits Cinda Lou's success to the desire to return to a time of patience, when overnight shipping and mass-produced items didn’t rule our lives, . More and more people are starting to long for a more relaxed time. 

“There’s a lot of old souls in the world,” said Jim. They will always have a sanctuary within the walls of Cinda Lou.

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