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<p>&nbsp;Freshman pole vaulter Peyton Proffitt completing a vault.&nbsp;</p>
<p><em>Photo Credit: Casey Kropka for Otterbein Athletics</em></p>
 Freshman pole vaulter Peyton Proffitt completing a vault.  Photo Credit: Casey Kropka for Otterbein Athletics

Peyton Proffitt places third at NCAA Indoor Championship

The freshman pole vaulter also received All-American honors

Freshman early childhood education major Peyton Proffitt placed third in the NCAA Indoor Championship for pole vaulting.

"There were a lot of emotions going through my head," Proffitt said. "Honestly good and bad. The bad being not doing the best that I feel I could've done, but the good being I am an All-American. How could I be upset with this?"

Despite this accolade, Proffitt said, "I have a lot of work to do to get to the spot I want, but it also means that hard work does pay off."

Proffitt, who has been pole vaulting since the seventh grade, has also had the opportunity for her dad to coach her. Luke Proffitt is the Assistant Coach for pole vaulting at Otterbein and has coached Proffitt since her junior year of high school.

"Having him (Luke Proffitt) is definitely super comforting," she said. "I know he has my best interest in mind. I love it."

Proffitt also said that other members of the track team, and the team as a whole, should be celebrated. "I think that they don't take into consideration how hard the track team works. I think that some of the other vaulters need to be taken into consideration with me. I know people are doing really well and I know that there's some things that are definitely noteworthy that should definitely be taken into consideration."

Proffitt spoke highly of the track and field team, comparing them to family. "That's such a cliche answer, but our pole vault squad specifically, I think we have a strong bond, and it makes me very excited because I know how much that bond can grow. I think we all really care for each other, especially the coaches, not just my dad, but the head coaches really have our best interests in mind."

Proffitt said she hopes to be winning consistently by her senior year. "Winning a national title would be a huge accomplishment, and I want to kind of stay there. I want to start that by this summer national in May. I want to get that title and then keep getting it."

The championship also featured senior Cal Yackin, who placed 18th in the men's one-mile preliminary.

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