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<p>Coach times student athlete sprinting</p>
Coach times student athlete sprinting

Track and field student athletes reflect on its impact

Student track and field athletes get ready for the newest season and reflect past seasons

Otterbein student athletes are gearing up for a new season of track and field while they reflect on the impact the sport has had on them as individuals. 

“I think it’s a really well-rounded approach that can teach you a lot about yourself and a lot about life,” said Adam Prescott, director of athletic communications at Otterbein. “It teaches you a lot about time management and working with others, handling criticism, and playing sports teaches you how to win and lose in public when you know other people are judging you.”

“It goes as far back as the Greeks and the Olympics[...]continuing to this day, I think it’s really important.” Devon Bellomy, a sophomore at Otterbein said. Bellomy said that he is hoping to go to the NCAA championships next year. 

Bellomy said he learned a lot about time management from being involved in track and field at Otterbein, as well. He said that it requires students to find an equal balance between sports and school work, and the sports often help to force you to find a balance so that you can be successful on the field and in the classroom. “It’s individual and self-competitive, but it’s still very close-knit, the team makes it a lot more fun,” Bellomy said. 

Amanda Radke is a senior at Otterbein who has also seen track and field play an important role in her life. “It’s one of those sports where you’re able to meet people a little bit different from you,” she said. “Everyone is able to contribute to the team.” 

Radke listed a few other benefits of being involved in the sport, such as helping to stay in shape and get physical exercise. She also said that it’s nice to be surrounded by a team because it pushes you to move forward and achieve your goals. 

“It’s nice to have a team around to push you,” Radke said. “It helps you to stay in shape, it also definitely helps with mental health.” 

Being involved in track and field at Otterbein not only allows one to be active and more engaged, but it allows participants to become more involved in the community. 

Student athletes get to meet new people, try new things, and even have opportunities to travel. Furthermore, it allows them to stay in shape while engaging in physical exercise. Several players are also involved in cross country, and have opportunities to travel with the sport. Last year they traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina for a track meet. 

“We’re looking forward to a good season,” said junior Garrett Lucius. “I think the team is shaping up nicely.” 

Students looking to attend a future meet can view the schedule for this upcoming season for both the men and women's teams. 

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