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Hello, goodbye: My time as editor-in-chief

Editor-in-Chief Amy Hissrich closes out her year on the job.

On December 8, we will close out yet another fall semester. And with this closing of the semester, I will also close my chapter as editor-in-chief. When I first took this job, I was terrified. I came off the heels of Ty Forney, arguably the best EIC that T&C has ever had, and didn’t know if I could do the job at all, let alone at the same standards as him.

I’d like to say that I have become the EIC that I always hoped to be. 

In my first semester as editor-in-chief, we reintroduced our social media presence by making TikTok-style videos. Through this, we saw more people engaging with our platforms. This year, we launched our newest social media campaign “The Cardinal Catwalk” and have seen many people from the Otterbein community engage with this.

We as a staff have also been working hard on feature stories that highlight the unsung members of the Otterbein community and notable alumni. These stories from our JAMC 2600 students as well as our staff have made me so proud. I’m so glad that we can showcase the people who make our community great.

I am so proud of our staff for all the work that we have done over the last calendar year. I could never do what I do without the help of them. I also want to give a big thank you to our advisor Hillary Warren for pushing me and encouraging me to do more. I know sometimes I would be in tears, but it definitely was worth it. The lessons you taught me will follow me for the rest of my professional life.

To my successor Lilly, good luck! I know you will do amazing work and I can’t wait to see what you and T&C puts out next.

As always, if you have any suggestions about what T&C should cover, you can email us at

Have a great winter break, happy holidays, and stay safe.

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