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Bottles from A Twist On Olives being packaged

Abby Vitali ·

Scott Trostel from A Twist on Olives uses a machine to seal the packaging around the bottles of oil.


Newly Elected OUSG Officers

The newly elected officers were together for the first time after being inaugurated. From left to right: Rowan Ratvasky, Mary Liddle, Claire Sauer, Lukas Patel, Yasmeen Khafagy, and D'Andre Person.

Today's Lineup
12:00-6:00am On Air
6:00-7:00am Money's Morning Show
7:00-9:00am On Air
9:00-10:00am Money's Morning Show (Replay)
10:00am-4:00pm On Air
4:00-5:00pm Buggy's Bops
5:00pm-12:00am On Air
The Wild Card Weekly Rewind with Alina Baer 4/20/23
The Weekly Rewind 4.20.23.wav Transcript

Tune in to this weeks' Wild Card Weekly Rewind for an update on sports at Otterbein as well as upcoming events before finals week. 

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