Photo by Julia Kelley

The Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Resource Center (WGSRC) will be more accessible to students upon opening its new house in fall 2021.

The house will be located on Main Street behind the library and will be more accessible to students than its current location, said Tammy Birk, director of the Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program.

The WGSRC provides confidential support to students experiencing relationship abuse, gender violence or are struggling with depression or distress. It also supports students who are questioning their sexuality, gender or sex.

A group of peer advocates will reside in the house. Peer advocates are students that go through special training to learn how to support and listen to their fellow students. There are currently about 15 peer advocates on staff.


Emma Mierzejewski, a WGSRC peer advocate, said, “It is vital that the WGSRC has its own space because it allows students and those who volunteer there the ability to feel truly safe ... The WGSRC is meant to serve as a secure environment where everyone can feel like they are heard and respected, since not all spaces on campus can be accommodating of that.”

The house will also be the main headquarters of the WGSRC. The house will mainly be used for support groups, social events and emergency housing for students.