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Phase one of Campus Center renovations to be completed in late October

Work continues on the elevator, while other aspects are delayed as difficulties with the supply chain lengthen the wait for certain parts.

After about seven months of construction, phase one of the Campus Center renovations is set to be complete in late October.

Initially announced in September 2021, phase one of the renovations includes improvements to the ramps in front of the building, the installation of an elevator and the construction of bathrooms on the second floor and lower level. As a result, the Campus Center’s front entrance has been closed since construction began.

“We probably have another three or four weeks before the elevator is completed, but it’s pretty much complete now,” said Patrick Siconolfi, the executive director of facilities and planning. “We have about another two weeks on the front of the building to finish up lighting and landscaping, but other than that, it’s pretty much complete.”

“The main delay there is the elevator,” said David McCarty, the project manager for Corna Kokosing, the construction company managing phase one. “There was an issue with the foundation, it had to be modified due to unforeseen conditions with the existing soils there. And then, of course, there’s also been delays actually getting the elevator. Just like everything else, the more electronic components they have, the harder it is to get these particular items.”

McCarty also spoke about delays obtaining things like components for the doors, and clarified that the building’s opening date is ultimately determined by the university. 

Looking ahead, Siconolfi described plans for phase two. “The conceptual design will be the second floor, which will be the cafeteria and serving area and the kitchen. And then as well, there’ll be an exterior stairwell put on the building just adjacent to the cafeteria.” 

Siconolfi also explained that the university is still securing funds for phase two, and estimated that construction would take roughly six months and start at the end of the spring semester.

Phase two’s focus on the cafeteria has forced Otterbein to find a way to serve students while the space is under construction. Siconolfi said that the school is working to determine how to balance the two situations, with ideas including temporary relocation of dining services or renovating only certain sections at a time. Future meetings will continue to work to address this situation.

Discussions regarding phase three will start in about two weeks, Siconolfi said.

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