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<p>Guest speaker from Otterbein Health Services department discussing different ways to improve the availability of medical services to students.</p>
Guest speaker from Otterbein Health Services department discussing different ways to improve the availability of medical services to students.

OUSG new leadership brainstorms ways to reach students

Despite the Otterbein University Student Government (OUSG) encouraging all students to connect with representatives, students find any information regarding them on the Otterbein website is outdated.

“I never get any info on events or anything about student government,” said sophomore Rachel Bollo.

Mary Liddle, OUSG president, says OUSG does not have the power to update the webpage, it falls to Assistant Director Tiffany Stokes of Center for Student Engagement.

Hoodan Ali, a freshman running for senator for OUSG, attended the candidate information session and first learned about OSGU through First Flight. “At the meeting they will tell you general information, then they will add you to an email list,” Ali said.

Last year, students involved in organizations across campus found the lack of communication from OUSG to be confusing. Vice President Claire Sauer says there are some changes happening within OUSG, and their goal is to always raise awareness. During the first week of school, OUSG encouraged students to take an ice cream break and learn more about their plans to make campus better. “Senators will throw events so that students will know what’s happening on campus,” Sauer said. “We try to make ourselves as available as we can,” Liddle said.

The OUSG office location has moved to the Student Organization Space (SOS) in the Campus Center due to renovations by facilities management. Students were notified of these changes on the OUSG Instagram.

The new OUSG leadership is actively brainstorming ideas to increase the relationship to students. “You don’t have to be part of us to come to us,” said Sauer.

At the OUSG first general assembly, Julie Saker, the Dean of Students spoke about changes to health services available on campus. Otterbein partnered with Mount Carmel since the beginning of the pandemic. “They were the ones who provided resources to us during COVID,” she said. Saker continued to speak about the affordability for insurance coverage and how the Promise House will help cover the payment through low-cost plans. 

Other topics discussed at the meeting included changing the constitution for Greek Life housing since sororities and fraternities were struggling to fill houses, and how to make funding more accessible for student organizations.

General assembly dates can be found on Otterbein’s CampusGroups page, and office hours for OUSG can be found on their social media page.

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