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<p>A screenshot of President Comerford speaking at the 2023 Coalition for the Common Good announcement</p>
A screenshot of President Comerford speaking at the 2023 Coalition for the Common Good announcement

Opportunities for students in the Antioch partnership

There have been many Otterbein and Antioch partnership announcements but the explanations of the benefits and the partnerships have been hard to find.

Some benefits for Otterbein students will include a discount on graduate programs.  A 15% tuition discount will extend to all graduate and certificate programs offered through Antioch. The first program brought to campus is the clinical mental health counseling graduate program. 

 There will be more opportunities for internships and study abroad programs.  When the Coalition for the Common Good is fully running, it plans to collaborate with other universities.  Otterbein University Student Government (OUSG) President Mary Liddle said, “where you would normally have to apply for like an external internship[…]it’s just a really easy way for you to go out and do something like that than having to hunt down these internships.Otterbein students will be able to travel to other campuses and areas that specialize in a career field they are interested in. 

Eventually, there will be fast-track programs, often called joint or dual degrees, to earn certain master's degrees in a shortened time of five years. The combined programs, three years earning a bachelor's and two a master's, will allow students to earn an undergraduate and graduate degree as quickly as possible. 

There is no set timing of when these benefits will be available, they will slowly be established in the upcoming years. President John Comerford said, “the changes will come with time and you’ll have more opportunities. 

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