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<p>Ohio legalized marijuana last year, but it is still prohibited on Otterbein's campus.</p>
Ohio legalized marijuana last year, but it is still prohibited on Otterbein's campus.

Spectrum News comes to Otterbein campus to discuss legalizing marijuana

Spectrum News is using the Riley Auditorium on Otterbein for a forum to discuss the “Treat Marijuana like Alcohol” initiative. The event is Wednesday, October 4 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. EST.

During the November election, registered voters will be able to decide whether or not marijuana should be legal to any adult over the age of 21. The parameters of the issue include marijuana will be taxed at 10%, up to six plants are allowed in one residence, and up to 2.5 ounces can be stored at a time. 

Spectrum News sent out a Google form that allows you to request a ticket. Tickets should be submitted by Monday, October 2, and a ticket is not guaranteed since it is an outside company hosting the event. 

The moderator will be Curtis Jackson, an anchor on Spectrum News 1. Two officials will be on the panel speaking in favor of the bill and two opposing the legalization of marijuana. Spectrum News has issued a story describing the people and their qualifications to attend the event. 

The event hasn’t been promoted in many places so many students on campus are unaware, however many students still have an opinion on the “treat marijuana like alcohol” initiative.  

“People do it anyways even if it’s not legal […]. It’s not as harmful as other substances so I don’t see a problem with it” said Lizzie Valdez, a sophomore, primary education major. 

The forum will be streamed live on Spectrum News 1 and will be available after the event on the Columbus Dispatch website. 

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