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Director of Residents Life Tracy Benner tells executive officers and senators about student housing updates
Director of Residents Life Tracy Benner tells executive officers and senators about student housing updates

OUSG General Assembly discusses dorm renovations and campus wellness opportunities

Residents life to introduce new "calming spaces" in dorms with multiple lounges.

Last Thursday at Otterbein University Student Government’s (OUSG) General Assembly, dorm renovations and wellness opportunities for students were the top points of discussion. 

Director of Residents Life Tracy Benner said many dorms are to receive upgrades like air conditioning and new furniture in the lounges. Students living in Davis, Dunlap-King and Scott Hall can expect new air conditioning next semester, and students living in Mayne Hall and Dunlap-King Hall can expect new and recovered furniture as well next semester. 

Also, Residents Life will be offering tours of popular upperclassmen dorm halls, including Kerr Hall and Devore Hall to give students a better idea of where they want to live next academic year. 

Benner also says Residents Life will plan to incorporate some lounges in the dorms and turn them into “calming spaces.” 

“We are going to try to start incorporating some of those smaller, easy things for us to get our hands on, coloring books and crayons, fidget toys, those are simple,” says Benner. “Kerr Hall and Devore Hall have multiple different lounge spaces, so we might look at going in and painting those spaces a light blue.”  

These spaces could also potentially include white noise machines and alternative lighting compared to overhead lighting. 

Executive officers also say that there are multiple opportunities for students to focus on their health coming to campus. OUSG Vice President Claire Sauer says groups like Desire Wellness are there to provide free health services to Otterbein students. 

Health services like Cardinal 24/7 Connect are also in full use for students to call at any time for mental health emergencies. 

OUSG President Mary Liddle says OUSG is also planning on connecting with student groups outside of student government. Specifically, OUSG will encourage student groups to use the student organizations space across from the OUSG room in the Campus Center. 

“One thing that we really want to start working on is the student organizations space, it’s always had a dedicated space but it’s kind of been underused,” says Liddle. “There’s like free stuff in there that students are supposed to be able to use like construction paper, scissors, pushpins if you’re putting stuff up around campus.” 

Liddle says OUSG is working on getting that room an official room number so that campus groups can reserve that room.  

Another main goal for OUSG is to make a comprehensive list of shops and resuraunts that offer student discounts to Otterbein students. Letters are being sent out by OUSG to try to encourage business owners to offer a discount if they don’t already. 

OUSG candidate registration is now open for new members. All forms must be turned in by February 28 at 3 p.m. 

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