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<p>Graphic design of Wellness van heading to Otterbein</p>
Graphic design of Wellness van heading to Otterbein

The COCW Outreach Van offers health services to students on campus

OUSG partners with local health service to provide on campus care for students

The Central Outreach Wellness Center (COWC) offers STD testing on-site and sets students up with resources for gender-affirming care. Otterbein University Student Government (OUSG) has partnered with this organization to bring the COWC Outreach Van to Otterbein's campus.

As it is a medical treatment center students must know their social security number and health insurance. If a student doesn’t have insurance, Central Outreach can provide help with any payments. 

According to many studies, one in four college students has an STD and many who do contract a disease don’t have any outward symptoms. The COWC Outreach Van offers on-site STD testing that can be taken as a swab or blood test. 

The wellness van came to campus this semester on Feb. 7, and only four students attended. Statistically, more people on the Otterbein campus can use these resources. 

Claire Sauer the Vice President of Student Government, believes having this resource is important so that college students can get properly educated on sexual health. “These are real things that happen and there’s nothing abnormal. It’s a good thing to be tested,” Sauer said. She hopes that openly having resources available will help destigmatize the idea of STD testing.  

The Central Outreach Center office in Columbus offers many transgender healthcare services such as hormone therapy, laser hair removal, and surgery. Gender-affirming care can be life-saving as it reduces the risk of depression and suicidal ideas. About 40% of the transgender community experiences suicidal ideations.

“I think it’s super important to have something regular that can be relied on but we have to get people to know that it’s happening,” Sauer said. 

The COWC Outreach Van was previously on campus last semester for the Sexual Health Fair. Moving forward OUSG hopes to make the COWC Outreach Van a monthly recurrence so students can continuously access these resources. 

The upcoming date for the COWC Outreach Van will be on March 20th and will be parked on the Clements Hall driveway, facing the Campus Center.

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