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Senior art showcase ready to open on April 1.
Senior art showcase ready to open on April 1.

Seniors take full creative control of Miller Gallery

Senior art showcases give students an opportunity to show their art in a gallery during their last year of classes

In the Miller Gallery, the senior art showcase is put on every year to display the talent and techniques students have been refining since their first year. 

The art show is put on at the end of each semester by the art capstone class. Until the end of the semester, the remaining weeks will each have a theme as well as new artwork from students in the class. 

The first week, starting on April 1, starts the first theme called “Art Beyond Boundaries: Making the Invisible, Visible.” The seniors were originally working on their project individually but now have created an underlying theme shown in everyone’s work. 

Madison Popovich, one of the students included in the first week, has a theme of exploring the relationship between humanity and technology. Popovich explains that trying to create something simply from an idea can be quite challenging, but not giving up is the most important part of the creative process. “You have to mess up a million times to finally understand what you're going for,” said Popovich. 

Tara Jones is another artist whose work will be showcased in the first week. She has chosen her theme to relate back to visualizing Dyslexia and visualizing her struggles with the topic. Jones hopes her art lets her “show the hidden work” that she couldn’t do in class.

Nevaeh Ellis, the final in the trio that has art in the first week showcase, chose her theme to be about visualizing language and color association. She believes it is important to create work where one find’s pure enjoyment in it.

“Most of the art I've been making the past four years has just been assignments … so it’s been nice to make something that I like, wanted to make,” said Ellis. Jones, Ellis, and Popovich all are glad to have the opportunity to have full control in their creative decisions. 

The showcase is to portray how art is used to communicate and make statements. 

There will be a small Art showcase on April 1, from 3-5 p.m. in The Miller and Fisher Gallery to start the week of portraying art beyond its boundaries.

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