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OtterBrief: September 1, 2015

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US : 


- As global climate change melts the Arctic ice and opens new waters, world superpowers are competing over what new expanse of sea belongs to whom. In an effort to increase the US foothold in the region, President Obama has called for an increase in the rate of production of icebreaker ships capable of traveling in such a climate. The expanding Arctic waters not only provide opportunities for new routes of tourism and trade, but also provide scientists with an opportunity to study an ocean climate virtually untouched by human activity.

- The most recent updates in the Hillary Clinton email controversy indicate that she received a significant amount of advice from journalist Sid Blumenthal, despite oppositions from the White House that he be allowed to formally join her staff, and show a heavy amount of redacted information in the emails she released for FBI investigation. So far it has not been determined by that investigation whether or not she knowingly sent or received classified information from her personal email, however the damage to her reputation as a trust worthy candidate has begun to worry her supporters. This, even while Clinton herself dismisses the accusations as partisan squabbling and repeatedly draws attention to her attempts at full cooperation with the investigation. 


- The renaming of Alaskan Mount McKinley to its historical title Denali by President Obama last Sunday has resonated in a particularly bad way with Ohioans, residents of the 25th president's home state.


- As immigrants fleeing war and persecution surge into the European Union, Mediterranean countries like Italy and Greece are filling up, forcing refugees to go farther north. However, most recently in an attempt to enforce the EU law that refugees seek asylum in the first country they enter, Hungary has begun closing its tram stations to prevent travel across the continent.

-Despite its being ordered before the recent economic duress, the 12,000 soldier parade taking place Thursday in Beijing is being used as an opportunity by the People's Republic of China to distract its citizens and reinforce president Xi Jinping's nationalist message.

- In a heroic attempt to salvage the parts of humanity's culture under attack by ISIS, The Institute for Digital Archaeology has begun dispensing cheap 3-D cameras to areas in Syria and the Lavonne to capture images of remaining monuments in case they too are targeted.

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- County Clerk in Kentucky, Kim Davis, has been denying marriage licenses to same-sex couples since the Supreme Court ruling in June. She said this is done under the, "authority of God" and as an exercise of her First Amendment rights. Prosecutors for couples denied marriage licenses are demanding she be held in contempt of court and fined for violating Federal law, but no decision has been made.

- CNN has expanded the criteria for participation in their September 16 republican debate to include the top 10 candidates based on polling performed between August 6 and September 10.


- A blood-moon, an astronomical phenomenon in which an approaching lunar eclipse causes the moon to take on a dark red tint, is predicted to occur this October. If this is prediction is accurate (which all indications point that it is), it will be the fourth blood-moon to take place in the past two years, each separated by six lunar months.

- 33 of the 34 senators necessary to prevent the overturn of a presidential veto have agreed to support the Iran Nuclear Deal, in the event that Congress chooses not to ratify the agreement and prompts such a veto in the first place. Although the agreement is still between Iran and the United Nations Securities Council, currently comprised of 6 nations including the US, a Congressional rejection of the deal would have unprecedented international impact.


- Otterbein has created a new area for student organizations to participate in homecoming events this year. What Alumni Relations is calling the Homecoming Grove Festival, is an opportunity for student groups to set up display tables and activities during homecoming weekend in the lawn behind the campus center. Applications are due to Dana Viglietta by September 11.

- As always the start of a new year means the start of more Physics Department coffee hours. Refreshments and mind-warping conversation can be found every Friday at 3pm in Science room 205.

- Schedules still in limbo need organized soon, the last day to add a class was August 31, and the last day to drop a class at full-refund is September 4.

- Employee wellness program Otterfit has returned for another semester. Details can be found here.

- The university just released a new email account that accepts ideas to improve any aspect of the university. Anyone with suggestions can email to have theirs considered.

-Westerville Emerson Elementary is looking for student volunteers to act as tutors and reading role models for children in the third through fifth grade. Applicants need to be able to commit to two to four days per week from 8-9am, Mondays through Thursdays. Contact Meredith Meyer at for more details.

In Other News:

- Google just got a new logo.