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OtterBrief: September 9, 2015

In case you missed it:

US : 


- A trend in US businesses has shown an increase in the amount of time companies are offering for paid maternity/paternity leave. However, many workers are not taking advantage of this time off out of fear that they will not be seen as dedicated or as hardworking as their fellow employees.

- After refusing to issue marriage licenses to anyone who came through her office since the June Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis spent 5 days in jail for contempt of court. She was asked by a judge to either step down from her elected position, or to begin complying with the law and issue marriage licenses, but Davis refused. Upon her release Davis was walked up a stage by Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee, to the cheers of a crowd holding up white crosses.

- Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump signed a loyalty pledge to the Republican party, agreeing in a non-legally binding fashion that he would not run as a third party candidate, and that he would support the Republican presidential nominee, whoever that may be.



-  In an attempt to find a home for the overflowing tide of refugees pouring out of Syria, Iraq, and parts of Africa, numerous European countries have agreed to house the displaced individuals. To maintain order and an equal distribution, the European Union has installed quotas limiting the amount of refugees an individual country can bear. Most recently, Denmark and Germany closed down railways between their two countries to enforce these quotas.

- As economies struggle in both China and Russia, the eastern superpowers see growing tensions between their leaders, as neither is sure the other can follow through on years old economic agreements.


- A Welcome Back Corn hole tournament will be held for Otterbein employees Sept. 10 at 11:30am on the Howard House lawn. Spectators are welcome.

- Kathy Krendl released a letter to the Otterbein community from her office, commenting on the results of the open records lawsuit filed by former Otterbein 360 editor Anna Schiffbauer It can be found in your student or employee email.

In Other News:

-  A Federal Court ruled in favor of Tom Brady last week, releasing him from his suspension and thereby defying the punishment set forth by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. The NFL has filed an appeal to overturn the court's decision. 

- New Chinese produced Jackie Chan film "Dragon Blade", touts a slew of big American stars, and indication of the rising film industry in China.

During his first night hosting "The Late Show" Stephen Colbert balanced distinguishing himself from himself and his old persona on "The Colbert Report" while making it clear that politics would not be absent from his new show, just presented differently.

Editor's Note: This article was edited to accurately reflect the nature of the lawsuit.