Students can expect a quiet fall break this year due to a lack of planned events and activities.

With the start of fall break imminent, students and faculty members alike are looking forward to a short reprieve from classes to catch up on backlogged work, with the slim chance of considering visits to friends or family that will inevitably turn into a weekend of, “just chillin’,” according to sophomore journalism and media communication major Jashawn Boswell. However, this comes as no surprise considering the lack of planned events on campus during the break.

With one event, a gallery opening on Oct. 12, scheduled to take place between the start of fall break Oct. 10 and the return to life-as-usual for campus Wednesday Oct. 14, it’s no wonder that professors are spending the time grading papers or working on research projects, while students prepare for upcoming rehearsals, chip away on lengthy assignments or get caught up on their Netflix queues.

If anyone were to be planning something to break up the monotony, surely it would be the student-run Campus Activities Board (CAB), but due to low expected turnouts, even they don’t have another event planned until their Grocery Bingo night on Oct. 15.


According to CAB president, Liz Engle, they generally expect to see between 50 and 75 students at each of their events.During fall break many students leave campus so CAB avoided planning anything during that time because they do not expect a turnout worth spending their resources on.