Otterbein Student Media is excited to announce a transformation in how our organization is being branded. As of last semester, we’ve undergone the task of combining all four of our main student media organizations: WOBN, OtterbeinTV, Otterbein360, and T&C magazine into one brand that represents all aspects of student media.

Because there is no longer a clear distinction between these forms of media in today’s world, the Communication Department is rebranding these organizations to give the students a more “realistic” view of the job market they will be going into. The Communication Department has decided to consolidate all of these organizations under one brand titled T and C Media, complete with a brand new website under the url “,” which should be operational within the next few weeks.


Previously, the student media staffs worked independently from one another and solely within their own organization.

Denise Shively, chair of the communication department, said that this change will help students adapt to the new duties required for a career in the media industry. “I think that it’s representative of the industry as a whole, media has changed in terms of what they’re requiring professionals to know and do,” Shively said. “Once, when a reporter was just a writer, that person would capture a story and put in in the written word; but today most journalists are storytellers that have to use multimedia to convey their stories."