Otterbein students are speaking out about the 4 percent increase in room and board expenses for the 2018-2019 school year and none of them are happy about it. Students are distraught about the price increasing since many students choose which college or university to go to based on financial ability.

Kathleen Kennedy, freshman actuarial science major, said, "I don't really like it because we decided to go to school some place at a certain price, and when the price changes, maybe some people can't afford it."

The increase in room and board is a deciding factor whether to live on campus or not for many students.

"I live in Davis hall and quite personally, I do not think room and board should be increased. That upsets me right now. Personally, I don't think Davis is the best quality of dorms. I live close enough that I could just stay at home, and it would be less expensive," said Kristen Zink, freshman psychology major.


If there is an increase in room and board expenses, students expect it should go towards on-campus housing upgrades.

"If they are raising the price of room and board I feel like the opportunity to live on campus should be enhanced for upperclassmen," said Kayla Queer, sophomore international business and management major.

Hannah Dobrinick, freshman sports management major, said, "I don't think there should be an increase because we came here with a set price in mind for the the four years, and for what we get, I don't think there should be an increase unless there are major upgrades, which there obviously are not."