WOBN, Otterbein's student-run radio station, celebrated College Radio Day 2017 by having a 24-hour live broadcast with back to back showcases such as "Sorry Not Sorry", "Campus Country", "LIT" and more. The broadcast started on midnight Thursday October 5. 

Eric Jones, WOBN Faculty Advisor, says College Radio Day is a good opportunity for students to express themselves and not be hampered down by rules. 


"[Students] can pretty much just live the kind of free-spirit life of a college student but they can apply it to the airwaves of the radio," said Jones. 

College Radio Day is an annual event where hundreds of college radio stations come together to celebrate the importance of college radio. The seventh annual College Radio Day was on Friday October 6.

WOBN General Manager Tiffany Steel urges people to keep college radio prominent.


"Don't let college radio die because that's kind of where we get our practice and what we love to do," said Steel. "Keep listening and helping us out and let us do what we love."