The addition of a Bachelor's of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in creative writing degree was approved at the senate meeting on Wednesday, April 4, which will be in effect in the fall of 2018.  

The B.F.A. will be offered in addition to the current B.A. path for creative writing students to provide a more intensive and professionalized program. The major will work to prepare students for professional opportunities in editing, writing and other desired careers. 

“Essentially, we are enhancing the curriculum and courses that we already offer with faculty who are already here,” said Shannon Lakanen, chair of the English department. 

The program will not require any additional faculty, but will make it more difficult for students to double major. The current B.A. program is a 40-hour requirement and the new B.F.A. will be a 59-hour major. 


There is no specific guarantee for how this new program will change Otterbein enrollment, but there is not a lot of current competition for the B.F.A. in creative writing program. 

“There are fewer than 40 undergraduate programs, B.F.A. programs, in the U.S. There is one in Ohio… Bowling Green. There really are not any others in the U.S.,” said Jefferson Blackburn-Smith, vice president of enrollment management. 

Incoming students who are interested in this path will apply to be accepted into the program and will be required to submit a portfolio. 


For current students who are majoring in the creative writing B.A. program, there will be a second-year entry option. The first two years of the B.A. and B.F.A. programs run parallel with each other to make this transition easier. 

In addition to the announcement of this new degree option, this senate meeting concludes President Krendl’s senate attendance.