Otterbein University Student Government President Jeremy Paul was inaugurated into his second term on April 19.  

During his time with OUSG, Paul participated in the implementation of a student-life fee for campus center renovations, the new alcohol policy and the transition to the new three-credit hour model.


Paul said he has grown to become an effective leader because of his three years experience in student government. Paul had decided to run again because of the change that OUSG has brought to campus since its existence. However, he recognizes that OUSG must increase student involvement. 

"The majority of students might not recognize the impact OUSG has had on this campus community over the course of its existence and that must change," said Paul at the inauguration. 

Student involvement is something OUSG has began talking about at meetings. The board has been brainstorming ideas to get more students involved.  


"We definitely need to find a way to make people want to be part of the process," said Paul during OUSG election season. "If we have contested elections on every single level you're going to get the best representatives on campus."