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The Point looks to get licenses to sell alcohol

The Point hopes to get licenses to serve beer, wine and spirits at community events

Two years after Otterbein allowed alcohol on campus, the Point is looking to get licenses permitting them to sell alcohol.

Scott Fitzgerald, director of human resources and legal affairs, said the Point is looking to obtain four different liquor licenses. These include D1, D2 and D3 licenses, which allow consumption for beer, wine, and spirits. 

Fitzgerald said temporary permits have been acquired in the past to have beer and spirits at university-hosted events, but a temporary permit is not available for wine.

The Point is also looking to get a D5 license, which extends the amount of time each type of alcohol can be served from 1 a.m. to 2:30 a.m.. This is according to the Ohio Department of Commerce.

The idea of purchasing these permits comes from wanting to increase interest in events hosted at the Point, which is also an event space. It is also a fundraising effort for the building. Money made from selling alcohol will go back into the building's budget. 

Otterbein President John Comerford said the Point's ability to reach out to the community garners demand to serve alcohol in the building. 

"The Point is unique among our campus buildings in that it is largely designed to serve people outside campus community," said Comerford. "The Point serves students, faculty and staff, but is equally designed to reach into the community and serve businesses, nonprofits, and be a community hub too. In that regard, that's where most of the demand (to serve alcohol) will come from."

Michael Fernandes, a junior physics engineering major, said that he understands why they are looking to acquire these licenses and supports the idea.

"One thing I think of because I have a business mind is the funding it will bring," said Fernandes. "The Point is constantly building and constantly adding on, so funding is always helpful. It helps our research and helps us as students."

The decision to allow the university to make these purchases will be decided on the gubernatorial election ballot in November. If approved by voters, Fitzgerald said we could see the first events serving beer, wine, and spirits as early as February.

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