Photo by Alyssa Morin

Mark Mineart, associate professor of theatre performance and director of Macbeth, discussed the Otterbein theater department's upcoming production

Macbeth is a tragedy about a Scottish nobleman who has a desire to become a king after receiving a prophecy by three witches. This leads him to commit murder and to be consumed by guilt, which eventually leads to his downfall. 


Though the play is usually regarded as one of ambition, Mineart said it's more about family. 

One goal Mineart has is to portray the character of Macbeth as someone to emphasize with, not a tyrant that audiences will immediately hate. Mineart said he wants to emphasize that Macbeth is a good man who is only making a bad decision.

Since this performance will be the last production in the campus center theater before the renovation, some structural changes have been made. 


“We have ripped out an entire stage floor and reconfigured the playing space,” said Mineart.

This change will allow actors to walk right up to the audience during the production.

Opening night is Oct. 18 at 7:30 in the campus center theater.