Since the campus center renovation project was announced last fall, multiple changes in the original plan have occurred, including the cost, completion date and more. T&C Media compiled a list of answers to questions students have about the renovation.

How much is it going to cost?

The original cost to renovate the campus center was $15 million. Now the target cost is $17.7 million.

Where is the money coming from?


According to President Comerford, $10 million will be funded through tuition expenses. The remaining $7.7 million will be acquired through fundraising initiatives

“I have been concerned on how this project may affect student tuition, especially for the ones who will be gone by the time the project is complete,” said sophomore political science major Abdoulaye Dieng.

When does the university need to raise the money by?


The university needs $4 million in commitment funds by January of 2019.

When will the renovation start?

The renovation project will begin in May of 2019. If the money needed is not raised, the renovation will be pushed back to May of 2020. 

Where will students eat during construction?

“I’m definitely excited for what’s to come, but I would really like to know where we are going to eat while the construction is going on,” said sophomore political science major Jett Facemyer.

The tentative idea is that food will be served in the athletic buildings. A mobile kitchen will be set up outside to do food prep and seating/serving will happen inside the buildings. 

What changes will be made to the campus center?

Changes include a front-facing glass exterior, a balcony on the second floor, multi-purpose rooms, first-floor dining, an elevator, restrooms on every floor and lower-level room for student activities.

Why is the campus center being renovated at all?

To make it more interactive and accessible than it currently is. One reason is to fix the limitations in food service in the Nest. The university wants the space to resemble a food court model. 

When is the renovation supposed to be done?

The goal is to cut the ribbon of the new campus center during the Homecoming festival in 2020.