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Degree Works set to replace current degree audit in fall

New degree audit system, Degree Works, will replace current system in Banner

The university will soon be undergoing a transition with its current degree audit system. The transition will replace the degree audit with a new program called Degree Works, in fall of 2019. 

Lauren Rhome, a senior math and spanish education double major, and other students, had questions about how the new system would impact them.

"What are the assets for the students, and will they receive support?" Rhome said. "What do the professors think? Will they receive training on the new system? Will this completely replace Banner? Why is it being switched mid-year?"

Riley Hysell, a freshman literary studies major, had questions on how the change will impact him as an individual.

"Is it going to improve what we currently have? If so, how will it?" said Hysell.

Kate Lehman, assistant dean for student success, was one of the university members who helped decide to purchase the new program. She said Degree Works will provide advantages that the current degree audit does not have.

"With the current setup, there's no sense of time. You see what you've taken and what you need to take," said Lehman. "Degree Works offers that rear-facing feature that the degree audit has, and will also offer forward-facing planning. You can build a full four-year plan based on the classes you have to take."

Lehman said that Degree Works will replace the current degree audit system only, and will not change any other aspects of Banner.

"There's a possibility of the new system improving class registration, but it's too early to know," said Lehman.

Lehman also said the transition is happening mid-year partly because of with training advisers and faculty on the new system.

"The entire academic catalog has to be coded [moved] into the new system," said Lehman. "We made the decision because it takes seven to nine months to implement after deciding to purchase it in the summer. We know students are more receptive to a three-minute video in an e-mail than sitting down for a full 30 minute session, so we'll try to do things like that, and we'll also do formal training for advisers and peer mentors."

A technical build of Degree Works will come in the spring. The amount this costs the university was unspecified, however there is a flat payment and an annual maintenance fee that the university pays for. Part of these expenses will be covered by the student technology fee.

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