John R. Kasich, former governor of Ohio, will be joining the Otterbein community. According to Otterbein’s recent press release, Kasich will be working directly from the university’s campus as a commentator for CNN.  

"Our students can learn a lot from former Gov. Kasich," said Otterbein President John Comerford in the press release. "He is an accomplished public servant with a background in business and politics. He had extensive experience in the art of compromise and is known for working with those who differ from him in their opinions." 

Some commentators on Otterbein's social media posts regarding the announcement questioned how much this will cost the university. Comerford said the decision will not cost the university any money.

"All it really costs us are some chairs and a desk," said Comerford. “Kasich is very fond of Otterbein and wants to help us. He is very thankful for the offer and the space that we are providing for him.”


Comerford also said Kasich will offer networking and public relations opportunities for the university. He encourages students to share their ideas regarding former Gov. Kasich and his role on campus in a civil manner.  

Jeremy Paul, Otterbein University Student Government president, said Kasich could be a resource to Otterbein’s governance body, while leveraging a unique relationship with the former governor.