Photo by Megan Miller

Otterbein’s new marketing campaign will expand to focus on issues of diversity and affordability.

“Our commitment to diversity, to inclusion, is a part of our DNA," said Roberto Ponce, executive director of marketing and communications. "Otterbein has always been a college of opportunity. We have this belief that everyone deserves a college education. There are certain claims that we feel very comfortable in making.” 

Ponce also cites Otterbein’s commitment to affordability and tuition transparency as opportunities that are a part of Otterbein’s foundation. 

Only Otterbein is being led by staff in admissions and marketing but plans to integrate other facets of the university. The campaign is coupled with the launch of a new university website. 


Marketing efforts are set to begin with billboards in the Columbus and Dayton areas. There are advertisements for the university airing on the radio with WNCI, Spotify and Sunday newspapers.

The marketing department is hiring for an external public relations partner to enhance the branding effort. This partner will advertise specific schools within the university, such as the MBA and nursing programs, to students outside of central Ohio.

The launch of the new university website is expected in the upcoming week.