Photo by Megan Miller

Otterbein University Student Government (OUSG) has been pushing for cheaper textbooks for students since the spring of 2018 and is anticipating further efforts in 2019. 

With the discussion of the campus center plans and the three-credit hour model adjustments, the textbook initiative went into intermission last semester.

Selena LaBair, OUSG secretary, said the initiative could start again this semester by first bridging the gap between students and faculty. 

Due to copyright issues, there are general legal boundaries that come with providing students with other forms of reading materials, including PDFs. LaBair said that professors can use older editions of textbooks that tend to be less expensive as a flexible solution. 


The Courtright Memorial Library and Otterbein professors are currently working on offering textbooks on course reserve for students to check out. Textbooks can also be requested and checked out through OhioLINK, an online coalition of over 90 Ohio libraries. 

LaBair also said the appointment of President John Comerford will influence change in OUSG.

“With Comerford, things are now happening faster and more efficiently. He’s a fresh face with fresh ideas,” said LaBair. 


OUSG encourages the student body to participate in student governance, so they are informed about campus initiatives. OUSG’s first meeting of the term will be held on Thursday, Jan. 17 in Roush Hall in room 338.