Just weeks into the new semester, some students have decided they want another roommate. Hoping to easily escape their current living situation, students often find themselves in an awkward situation during the lengthy room changing process.

With spring semester underway, most roommate conflicts were mediated before winter break. However, during the first few weeks of each semester, the number of instances increases.

“My roommate and I did not get along fall semester,” said Tasha Williams, a junior psychology major. “After involving Residence Life, I considered moving spaces. The conflict worsened during finals week, and we ran out of time to find a permanent solution. We're still in the process of figuring out how to best resolve the conflict.”

Williams is among several students looking for campus vacancies. She said she was worried after reading President Comerford’s January campus update, which said the number of students on campus increased this spring.


“Spring undergraduate enrollment stands at 2,331, which is 22 higher than last spring,” said Comerford. “We are welcoming 56 new transfer students, which is 8 percent higher than last spring.” 

Director of Residence Life Tracy Benner assures students that there are still options.

“Currently, we have approximately 69 vacancies on campus, and we work with students to find the best option for their living situation,” said Benner.


Residence Life suggests considering alternatives before abandoning the living situation. The office has a list of steps students must complete when roommate conflicts occur, however, the process can be strenuous.

“First, sit down with your RA and, with the roommate agreement, talk about what your conflicts are,” said Benner. “If one of you just straight-up wants to move, sit down with your hall director if you're looking to move within the building. If you want to move to another building, then meet with one of the assistant directors who manages the area where you want to move. They will give you a list of vacancies, but we're going to expect you to go and talk with other students to figure out where you want to go.” 

Finding the ideal roommate can be difficult with current openings. RAs are available to speak with students regarding roommate conflict and resolution planning. 

“We know it's awkward," said sophomore global studies major and Davis Hall RA Jillian Stetter. "RAs are trained to deal with roommate conflict, and we see it all the time. We're here to help residents navigate a discussion or figure out how they want to proceed in addressing the issue.”

Stetter once had to undergo a room change herself. 

“I understand what it’s like to be in that uncomfortable living space,” said Stetter. “I’ve navigated the process on their end so I can see how frustrating it can be when you don’t think things are getting done to help you, even if they're behind the scenes.”

For more information on campus housing options visit the Residence Life page on Ozone.