Changes to Senate bylaws will be proposed to increase transparency to the campus community from the Senate planning committee at the meeting on Wednesday Feb. 6.

Before these proposed revisions, the planning committee was not required to report issues concerning university finances, fundraising and future planning to the campus community. 

The planning committee will also now serve as a forum to hear concerns from both constituent assemblies, like Otterbein University Student Government, and Senate standing committees.

The conversion of the undergraduate athletic training program into a master of athletic training program will also be discussed at the Senate meeting. Existing undergraduate athletic training programs will become entry‐level master's degree programs by 2022, and their current bachelor's degree in athletic training will be removed by fall 2023.


Additionally, Senate will also discuss the university’s strategic goals and the new planning committee manual.  

In total, Senate will introduce four bills at the upcoming meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 6 in Riley Auditorium at 4 p.m.