Anti-abortion protesters from Created Equal, a non-profit organization based in Columbus, Ohio, stood outside the Campus Center today to speak with Otterbein students about abortion. 

Created Equal protests at college campuses and high schools within the area to reach younger audiences about their anti-abortion platform. They typically visit Otterbein once each semester.


Evangeline Dunn, a media representative for Created Equal, said, "Today is just to create dialogue with students. We've seen a lot of students change their opinions [about abortion] already today."

In response, Otterbein students organized a counter-protest today to cover the graphic depictions of abortions that Created Equal brings with them each year. 

"Everybody has a right to voice their opinion, but not if they're throwing signs out in front of everyone," said Andrew Manzi, a freshman communications major.


Selena LaBair, another Otterbein student, said the protest group creates an unsafe environment on campus. 

 "Their method of delivery has been problematic in past years," said LaBair. "We can't even walk on our sidewalks, and it has only gotten worse each year. People feel unsafe, and we feel that it's intrusive on our community, so we're here to protect students from these grotesque and problematic kinds of representations."