Casey Rife, president of Otterbein University Student Government (OUSG) and Selena Labair, vice president of OUSG

Casey Rife is a junior, with a double major in global studies and environmental science, and a sustainability studies minor. She is currently the vice president of OUSG. Selena Labair is also a junior, with a double major in sociology and criminology and justice studies and a minor in psychology. Labair is currently the secretary of OUSG.   

Rife and Labair’s platform focused on four main objectives: transparency, open dialogues, sustainability and the textbook initiative. Rife and Labair introduced open dialogue between campus administration and the student body by facilitating discussions on improving inclusivity and diversity on campus.  

Both candidates ensured all students have access to OUSG meeting materials and facilitated accessible methods of communication on social media to increase student awareness about OUSG and its functions.  


Rife and Labair plan to advocate for the selection of a new cleaning service that will respect the values of recycling. They also plan to implement educational opportunities about recycling, waste reduction and reusable options on campus.  

Lastly, the candidates are advocating for the textbook initiative, a continuous project by OUSG that will provide more affordable options and access to textbooks for students with the Courtright Memorial Library. If elected, Rife and Labair hope to create a student-based book drive every semester to benefit the course reserves at the library.

"We seek to remedy in OUSG by fostering a campus environment that invokes agency, encourage action and produce changes among students," said Rife.


Allura Stevens, president of OUSG, and Bronwyn Buys du Plessis, vice president of OUSG

Allura Stevens is a junior with a major in creative writing. Stevens is currently serving as treasurer of OUSG. Bronwyn Buys du Plessis is also a junior with a pre-veterinary equine major and a minor in biology.  

Their presidential platform targets four main points: dining, improving hospitality toward commuter, transfer and international students, transparency regarding decision making processes on campus, and awareness and de-stigmatization of mental health.  

Both candidates are adamant about providing local and ethical sources of food on campus, as well as remaining aware of dietary and cooking limitations, nutritional quality and food availability for students. Their platform also includes connecting commuter, transfer and international students with the general student body.  

The candidates emphasized the importance of transparency among students and campus administration by hosting more student town halls, openly publicizing university Senate and OUSG meetings and distributing meeting minutes in monthly OUSG updates. 

Lastly, Stevens and Buys du Plessis introduced their plan to increase the awareness and de-stigmatization of mental health on campus. They propose partnerships with Active Minds, the Women’s Gender and Sexuality Resource Center, and the Interfaith Coalition at Otterbein to promote conversations about mental health and other topics. 

Angel Banks, secretary of OUSG

Angel Banks is a current sophomore and psychology and criminology and justice studies double major. Banks has held an at-large senator position her first year at Otterbein and is currently a cultural and diversity senator. Banks’ platform is focused on providing the student body clear and concise OUSG materials.  

“As secretary, I will create detailed and concise notes to maintain transparency with students and senators,” said Banks.  

Vishvam Mehta, secretary of OUSG

Vishvam Mehta is a freshman and biochemical and molecular biology and political science double major. Mehta has developed two main goals for OUSG. These goals include fostering greater efficiency amongst at-large senators and increasing access to OUSG information to the student body.  

“I would strengthen the internal efficiency and accountability of OUSG to ensure the progression of Otterbein as an institution,” said Mehta.  

Frandie Francique, treasurer of OUSG

Frandie Francique is a sophomore psychology and sociology double major at Otterbein. Francique has served as a commuter senator of OUSG for the past two years. Francique has also served on the campus services and student experience committee at Otterbein. Her platform is based on focused on finances, effective communication between OUSG and students and OUSG's allocation committee. Francique’s main goal is to raise awareness of university grants available to students.  

“Being appointed to this role would allow me to expand my passion for leadership and the Otterbein community,” said Francique. 

Patrick McFarland, treasurer of OUSG

Patrick McFarland is a sophomore business analytics and finance major at Otterbein. McFarland has served as a senator on the allocations committee. He plans to provide a greater dialogue with campus administration within the allocations committee, increase the awareness of the student life grant and find ways to financially educate OUSG.

“I want to maintain and raise the standards of OUSG as its treasurer,” said McFarland.