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T&C Media plans your four-year schedule at Otterbein

Here's the 411 about which INSTs you should take at Otterbein

Otterbein University's Integrative Studies (INST) program requires students to take several general education courses in a variety of topics, regardless of students' area of study. Each semester, students struggle with deciding which INST courses to take out of over 20 different INST options. T&C Media is here to offer insight about which classes are going to be worth your time. 

Best INSTs

First Year Seminar/Transfer Year Seminar

FYS 1053 Orientation to Media Genres, Eric Jones

"That, honestly, opened my eyes to the COMM building, and I discovered what I actually wanted to do. I think Jones is a very effective professor," said Tim Pennucci, a journalism and media communication (JAMC) major.

FYS 1013 Women’s Leadership, Wendy Sherman Heckler

"You have to live on campus to take the course, and you live with housemates who are in the course. They invite different leaders locally in Columbus to speak to the class, and you attend various leadership conferences," said Claudia Owusu, senior English and creative writing major.

Identity Requirement: INST 1500 Courses

INST 1501 Self Discoveries: Home and Beyond, Jeremy Llorence

"If you're willing to read a couple books, the rest of the actual class is mostly based on discussion that is actually relevant or that you would care about. Llorence is an excellent professor and if you are getting a gen-ed [general education requirement] done, you should take a class with him," said Pennucci.

Interconnection Requirement: INST 2000 Courses

INST 2006 Dimensions of Culture and Society, Heidi Ballard

"I got an A," said Andre Bradley, a senior JAMC major.

"She’s really passionate about issues in the world. We were talking about the trade and labor industry, migrants and immigration. We talked about issues going on in the world that everybody needs to be aware of. No matter what major you are, you should be aware of this stuff," said Amanda Lefkovitz, a sophomore political science major.

Reflect Requirement: INST 2200 Courses

INST 2213 Religions of India, Suzanne Schier-Happell

"I thought the class was more relevant to things I was learning about outside of class, given today’s political climate. It was also just really easy," said Aselya Sposato, a sophomore public relations and JAMC major.

Natural Requirement: INST 2400 Courses

INST 2408 Chemistry and Art, Carrigan Hayes

"This class combines my love of science with the humanities. The fun part was making art every week. Who knew the periodic table could extend beyond the lab?" said Haylie Schmoll,  a senior public relations and JAMC major.

INST 2411 Chemistry, Drugs and the Body, Brigitte Ramos

"There are a lot of different professors you can have, but Ramos really helps you understand how to do chemistry, even if you are not a chemistry major or remotely have any science interest," said Pennucci.

Creative Requirement: INST 2600 Courses

INST 2605 Composing a Musical Life, Jennifer Merkowitz

"Easy and fun. In the final, we created a song on the computers and shared them with the class," said Heather Sandvik, a senior sustainability studies major.

INST 2606 Encountering World Music, Ann DiClemente

"It’s easy and low commitment. The homework takes you 10 minutes to do," said Widlynn Milor, a sophomore public relations and marketing major.

INST 2608 Theatre: Performing/Reforming Society, T.J. Gerckens

"In that class, you focus on the theme of 'the other.' We read plays and discussed them. For our final, we had to write and perform a play, which the majority of the class hadn’t done before, but it was enjoyable," said Schalischa Petit-De, a senior JAMC major. 

INST 2611 Japan and Beauty of Ambiguity, Allen Reichert

Based on this class, I want to visit Japan. This was my first INST, and it was a great introduction to the INST program. I learned a lot about Japan and its history. We did activities, painting and had a tea ceremony. It was very interactive and the professor was very enthusiastic and passionate about Japan and the course," said Lefkovitz.

INST 2800/3000 Courses

INST 3910 Lake Erie in Good Times and in Bad, Michael and Karen Hoggarth

"No quizzes. No tests. I’m going to get an A," said Bradley.

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